About Philip

Hi! I’m Philip.

Philip Casey Bio

Photography is truly my passion. I’m constantly out shooting and improving my craft. My goal is to create beautiful, timeless photographs for you and also for myself. I devote all of my energy into doing the best job I can. My past clients would say that I’m an amazing photographer, very personable, great to work with, and a very friendly yet professional person.

I enjoy beautiful places, warm sunsets, all kinds of music, taking road trips, playing guitar, and flying airplanes. I’m very dedicated to what I do and I’m thankful I get to do it full-time. I would be honored if you allowed me to capture the most memorable day of your life.


10+ years of Photography Skills and Knowledge
7 Years of Professional Wedding Photography as Lead Photographer
Over 175+ Weddings Photographed
Areas serviced: Thailand, Alaska, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York City.
Many additional hours of private study, education, and hands-on practice.


Bachelor of Information Technology from Western Governor’s University.
Associates of Computer Systems Technology from the University of Alaska.

Wedding Photography Business Workshop (with JASMINE STAR)
FIND Photography Workshop (Film is Not Dead by Jonathan Canlas)
Vivian Maier, Street Photography Workshop (Douglas Cunningham)
Commercial Portraiture Workshop (with JOEY L)

Hobbies & Interests


Photography (the most obvious one)

My passion is for photography.  STUDIO 1250 wouldn’t exist today if it wasn’t for my unending passion for the art.  If I wasn’t a full-time photographer, I would still continue to pursue photography as a hobby to capture the life that surrounds me everyday.


I’m also a Private Pilot.  I enjoy soaring above the cities and shorelines and catching an unobstructed view of an evening sunset. “With aviation comes great freedom, great responsibility.” -Harrison Ford.  Check out my flying pictures.

Enjoying the Outdoors

I like experiencing the great outdoors.  I have spent a lot of time hiking in Alaska and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  I also enjoy exploring the Historical Plantations of Charleston in the warm summer weather.  My interest in the wild outdoors is also greatly linked to my passion for photography.


I love traveling to new places.  One of my favorite trips has been a cross-country road-trip from Alaska through California to South Carolina, driving over 7,500 miles.  I’ve also traveled to Paris, France; Venice, Italy; Ireland; and Thailand.  My most recent trip was another cross-country road-trip traveling the historical Route 66.  I spent nearly a month on the road, camping and living out of my Jeep Wrangler.  I traveled from Charleston to Chicago, then from Chicago to San Monta, and then back to Charleston.  I saw many great things and took thousands of photos.  One of my favorite places on my trip was when I was camping on the edge of a cliff in New Mexico overlooking an Indian reservation.

Eating Healthy

This country’s agricultural crisis has inspired me to strive for healthy eating and natural, nutritional healing methods.  I enjoy watching documentaries on the food epidemic that is taking over the United States.  I continue to learn ways of eating healthy and living a better life.  If you’re interested in holistic health and healing, check out my doctor/chiropractor, Dr. Brian Class.  http://MaximizedLivingDrClass.com/

Photos of Me and Things I Like to Do


More to come soon….