Our Style

We strive for images that tell the entire story of your wedding. This is normally done by shooting in a photo-journalistic style, which is also referred to as a “candid” style. Most of our photos are natural, just as the moment happened. It’s important to us that the wedding flows naturally without interruption and altercation by the photographer. We always remain quiet and respectful, while continually staying immersed in everything that is happening around us. This is how we capture unique moments that our clients love. In addition to capturing the candid photos, we also understand the importance of formal family portraits. This is why we are always sure to photograph the formals with distant relatives and family members you hardly even see. Lastly, during our shoots we make plenty of time for creating those unique images of the bride and groom that everyone yearns for. Whether its on the beach, in the mountains, or down an abandoned alley way, our photos capture the essence of the awesome relationship you two have built together.

Our Gear

Using the highest quality gear is the way we achieve our crisp and clean photographs, even when the lighting is very dim, like a dark reception hall. Professional Canon Digital SLRs combined with a variety of special lens, allow us to capture the moments that mean the most to you, regardless of the situation. To ensure maximum safety against equipment failure, we always bring 3 or more cameras and 6 or more lenses to each wedding, this way we have a backup if something fails. For added protection of your photos, we keep the original images safely backed up for 2 or more years. Within that time period, you can ask for replacement discs at no extra charge.

Copyright Release

You own the full rights to your wedding and engagement images. This means that you can print, email, and upload to Facebook as much as you want, you are under no obligation to order photos through us. However if you’d like to, we have professional printing labs available that produce better results than traditional consumer labs like Wal-Mart or ShutterFly. Our prints have been priced accordingly to allow you to order through us and get the highest quality possible without spending considerable amounts of money.

Image Discs

Some photographers require you to purchase the full resolution disc at an additional cost, this is why their package prices are slightly cheaper. However, with us, the full resolution image files are included with all of our packages; you receive all of the photos we take on a CD that is compatible with MAC or PC. Also included on the disc is a low resolution copy of the all the images so that you can easily email or post the photos to Facebook, sharing them with your close friends and family. This is available to you at no extra cost.

Editing Process and Color Correcting

During a wedding we take thousands of images to ensure that we capture everything. Once we return to the computer, immediately your entire wedding photos are backed up to multiple hard drives. Once that is complete, we began to edit out all of the bad photos such as blinks and open mouth shots of your uncle telling the story of him over seas many years ago that you heard a million times. Next, we go through and adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of every photo for proper exposure. And lastly we convert all of the remaining photos to normal image files so that they can be viewed on a standard computer. This entire process takes many hours from beginning to end, but results in the superior product you desire.

Many of our clients love black and white photographs, for this reason, we try to shoot a variety in black and white as well as color. Because of the nature of digital images, any photo can be converted to black and white, or back to color at anytime. After you receive your images, simply let us know which photo you want converted and we can quickly send it to you.

To Reserve your date, call 843-291-9989 or e-mail to check availability and discuss the details of your wedding. A deposit of 50% the total package price will reserve your date. The remaining 50% will be paid on or before the wedding date.