Thailand Trip | Day 1-3 – Bangkok


After 24 hours of airline transit that included stops in Washington D.C., Tokyo, and finally Bangkok, an 8 hour bus ride, and 2 hours in a pickup truck, we finally made it to our destination, Si Bun Rueang. What a crazy adventure this has been so far. I can’t describe to you what this place is like. It’s different than anything I have ever experienced or seen before. Here are just a couple things. People drive crazier than anywhere in America, including New York City and Los Angeles. Lines on the road are merely suggests than a law. Drivers go inside and out of them as if they weren’t even there. Drivers also drive on the shoulder as if it were an actual lane. The amount of Mopeds on the highway is equal to the number of automobiles. Oh and people continue to drive through an intersection even after the light has turned red. Everything is incredibly cheap here. A nice hotel with hot water and air conditioning costs $20. A bottle of water is $.50. An 8 hour bus ride including lunch was $12. Power-lines literally are everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE. The sad part, is that everything is extremely rundown, dirty, and unorganized. Somehow…I can’t understand how, but it manages to function and work for those who live here. The biggest problem is not having the ability to communicate with the Thai people. Thankfully we have Kwan, a local taking care of us. She’s totally awesome and Chris is going to have a very wonderful bride on 11-11-11. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in a week. This is going to be an amazing time!!! I’m so thankful I get to be here and experience a totally different culture.

Photos from Bangkok.

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Here is where we are.




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