Thailand Trip | Day 4-6 – Thai Culture

Local Thailand Man

The past few days have been incredibly exciting as we traveled to a few different places in Thailand to explore and take tons of Bride and Groom photos with Kwan and Chris. I’ve learned how good us American’s have it in the U.S. with our warm and cozy homes, air conditioning, hot water, sterile cooking and eating environments, traffic laws that protect us from reckless driving, and building codes that prohibit things from practically falling apart. Every American should come and see how these people live, it’s truly breathtaking, it would make you appreciate what you have. Another thing I’ve noticed is that inspite of how everyone lives, they are really happy people, most important things to them are working and enjoying the company of others. Here are some more interesting stuff about Thailand. It’s amazing how they manage to load their trucks so high in the air, somehow it stays put; how they have some of the most interesting custom made motorcycles I’ve ever see; the locals here make homemade things to sell like a bamboo stick filled with rice and sugar then slowly cooked; everyone seems to work for themselves or in the family ‘business’; even the richer people don’t have anything close to the stuff we have, they are blessed to have a washer to wash their closes in and hot water to take a shower with; none of the homes have air conditioning; everyone here works extremely hard for what little money they make; literally every food combination is served with/on top of rice; and lastly, bugs and insects are everywhere but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Thailand is a very different place from America, it’s great that I’m experiencing a different culture and a different lifestyle to the luxury American one we live in.

Check out the photos:
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